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Rev. Lynn Davis embraced this new and invigorating assignment as she’s “Building & Empowering Lives With a Relevant Approach” through teaching persons not exclusively in the four walls of a church. Also, as a Pastor /Chaplain in the community, this ministry provides Pastoral Education/Chaplaincy Enhancement through Teaching and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as an Evangelist. Rev Lynn Davis has a heart of compassion for those in need of a life changing experience. The ministry is fulfilling this assignment through plenaries, seminars, ministering the Word of God, publishings and more as she evangelizes to the four corners. We are focused on helping individuals & groups to catapult to their next dimension in God, despite the odds of our time. 

My Covering

Rev. Darrel S. Davis,

Sr. Exec. Pastor

The Harvest Chapel

2014 -Present


"Building & Empowering Lives With A Relevant Approach"

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