• Rev. Linda Davis

Dare To Be Different In a Tranformative World

Updated: Sep 22

In the words of the great Langston Hughes, "Life Ain't No Crystal Stare." Life has not been easy for the average individual. However, I have come to the conclusion, that in this season or if you will, life-changing events we're experiencing; it has not been easy for anyone. Well, I've decided to step back and

give life a chance to pull something robust from my existence.

I could not figure it out for the life of me, but when the God-given creativity and strategies

began to come to life, it has been a different corridor for me ever since. I want to say to every ministry leader who's a woman, every corporate leader, every grocery store worker, and the female person that's working in a job that's not necessarily your choice.

I would like to say that today August 11, 2020, the day a first Black woman has been pick as the "MVP-Madame Vice President Candidate," you can stand on another step called "I Can" and now translate it to "I Will."

Stepping out of what you may traditionally do in life and stretching your limbs to a step with great possibilities in a world of uncertainties, will open corridors you've never thought;

you would have walked through if you had not dared to be different. There is greatness inside of you, so just try it, and look deeper inside of yourself, and you'll discover treasures unimaginable.

+Rev. Linda Davis

Seminarian - Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University

Founder/ Sr. Pastor - The Harvest Chapel, New Jersey

Founder/ CEO - LDMinistries / G.I.R.L. Grace I. Ross Lewis Resource Center / The Harvest Chapel Chaplaincy Training Program

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